Sunday on “State of the Union” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel shocked Dana Milbanks when he said illegals are “part of the Chicago family.” Notice what he did here. He conflated the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who came here with the ILLEGALS. The left want to tug at your heartstrings in their effort to make the legal and illegal one and the same…Emanuel is saying he’s willing to break the law by letting these people into his city. Shouldn’t we arrest him now?

“The kids who go to our schools, the dreamers, all the kids, we have 140 languages spoken in our schools. Those kids and their families are frightened. And it’s incumbent as a city, whether you’re from Ireland or India, Poland or Pakistan, Mexico or Moldova, where my grandfather came from, those children are part of the Chicago family. And their parents are doing working incredibly hard. They sacrifice, they struggle so their kids could not only come to a place called America but specifically, Chicago. And I think Chicago will always represent the promise of America, If you believe that tomorrow can be better than today, you are welcome here.”

“It not just being a sanctuary city it’s being a welcoming city.”

He’s needs to realize that this will hurt his city and America. This is against the law!

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