Before and after the MAGA rally in Minneapolis, President Trump’s supporters were attacked by left-wing extremists.

Did CNN or MSNBC report on this?

The video below from Alpha News Minneapolis is an honest and alarming look at what went on outside the Trump rally in Minneapolis.

While Trump supporters are portrayed by the media and others as “Nazis”, these anti-Trump protesters are violent and vulgar.

This is nothing new. The ugly violence against MAGA supporters happened during the 2016 campaign and has only escalated.

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The local news in Minneapolis covered the protesters hitting and punching cars and people:

The protesters also harassed the police officers and media.

While the media wants Americans to believe it’s the Trump supporters who are the bad guys, the truly violent anti-Trump mobs are bashing heads and getting away with it.

Alpha News is doing what the mainstream media should be doing. Reporting the TRUTH!


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