In September 2019, rapper Bryson Gray was interviewed at a Trump rally in Fayetteville, NC. Gray told the CBS News interviewer that he has a lot of friends who tell him he shouldn’t support Trump because he’s black, but says, “It’s sort of insane, because it’s politics, and I can support whoever the hell I want to support.” He added, “They also tell me I shouldn’t wear the MAGA hat, so I bought the biggest MAGA hat.”

President Trump’s campaign retweeted the interview. President Trump thanked him on Instagram for his support.

Support for Donald Trump from Black Americans is at 34%, the highest number ever for a Republican President.

The very liberal, anti-Trump New Yorker spoke with Gray about why he supports President Trump, and to his credit, the 28-year old, Trump-supporting rapper didn’t hold back.

Bryson Gray, a twenty-eight-year-old rapper who has opened for 50 Cent and 2Chainz, was sitting in front of his computer at his house, in Greensboro, North Carolina, one recent Saturday, wearing a MAGA bucket hat, tiger-stripe jeans, and a T-shirt that read “Where’s Hunter?”

Gray was fiddling with the second verse of a song he’d recorded, called “Pro-Life Pro-God Pro-Trump,” for his forthcoming album, “MAGA Ain’t Got No Color.” He turned up the volume. “Touch my hat and you might get beat / these are Yeezy’s on my feet.” It went on:

Trump 2020 that’s big facts
No, I can’t vote for no Democrat
Used to be a liberal but I switched that
Pull up to yo hood in my big hat

“People are always threatening to take my hat like it’s a chain,” Gray said. Luckily, he has more than one: a half-dozen giant foam MAGA hats, in both cowboy and baseball styles, cover the walls of his bedroom. “Someone grabbed it off my head at a Charlie Kirk event, and I jacked him up, took it back,” he said. “I think people have me confused for a regular conservative.”

Beside his computer was a microphone, a bottle of pineapple vodka, and a 9-millimeter pistol. “I used to drink twenty shots a night,” he explained. “Before I got real into the Bible.” Gray uses his real name for his political rap, the moniker B.Surius for his other rap, and KingVodka for his E.D.M. “I have two Fortnite albums,” he said.

Gray looked out the window; it was drizzling. “One of the things these foam hats are real good for is rain,” he said. He’d slowly switched allegiance from Obama to Bernie to Trump. “Me and Trump are both Geminis,” he said. “When Trump started calling Ted Cruz Lyin’ Ted,” he went on, “I loved that. Then when he made that comment about Rosie O’Donnell at a debate—phew! Trump ain’t no punk! I bought the biggest MAGA hat I saw and started walking around the mall on Facebook Live.”

Thanksgiving with his family was awkward this year, he said. His grandmother had been a Black Panther.

There’d be another family dinner that night; Gray’s parents were on their way over with pizza. “Mommy is soft and Daddy is a liberal lunatic,” he said.

His father, Gary, who teaches high-school English, walked in. Seeing a visitor, he said, of his son, “He’s a right-wing nut—”

“Hater,” Bryson said.

“—but I’m always gonna support my son.”

“You did tell me one time you were gonna take me out your will.”

“Yeah, I did tell you that.”

“He found out my sister supported Trump. And I’m to blame,” Bryson said. “My momma, I’ve convinced her already. She just don’t know it.”

“No!” Gary said. “We’d get divorced.” He added, “Hillary 2020!”

“She’s not in the race,” Bryson said.

Speaking of holidays, Gray just created this awesome MAGA Christmas video:

If you’d like a giant MAGA hat, go to the GIANTMAGAHAT.COM and enter the code “Bryson” to purchase one of his signature hats. Gray claims you’ll also get a 10% discount if you enter his name in the code section.

Here’s a great animated clip by Bryson Gray, showing why he wants nothing to do with the intolerant Democrat Party:

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