A little over one year ago, radical activist, and rapper, Tef Poe was sitting in our White House discussing strategy with our Community Organizer in Chief. Today, he’s taken to Twitter to warn White Americans that their support for Donald Trump won’t happen without paying a heavy price. In his tweets, he promises violence and spews hate from every pore of his racist body. Yes, these are the types of people Barack Hussein Obama has meeting with him in our White House to discuss “strategy.” When you consider all of the important and historical world figures who have met with former Presidents in our White House, it should cause every American to pause and wonder what kind of monster is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave today.


In December, 2014, President Obama invited several youth activists to the White House to discuss #Ferguson, police brutality, race and more.

A day after meeting with President Obama, some of those very activists—Ashley Yates, Tef-Poe, T-Dubb-O, James Hayes, Jose Lopez, and Phillip Agnew—held a conference call to discuss their feelings following speaking with the president. Via: Ebony

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Even a clock is correct twice a day:



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