A famous rapper just warned that gun control is the way the progressive left can return black Americans to slavery. This touches on something that young black youth have no clue about. They don’t know that if they give up guns, they give up their right to protect themselves. We posted a great video from an elderly black woman speaking out on how gun ownership is a key to survival in her low income housing neighborhood. It’s true, this is survival to the elderly who can’t fight back in other ways.

“Killer Mike” is so right and so spot on with many of his comments. He’s been attacked on social media for his comments but he makes so much sense when it comes to the right to bear arms:

In an interview with NRATV’s Colion Noir, Killer Mike explained how the left equates gun control with progress and observed, “[They are] going to progress us into slavery.”

In the lead-up to the March 14 school walk out for gun control, Killer Mike said he told his kids, “I love you, but if you walk out that school walk out my house.”

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“You can’t continue to be the lackey,” the Atlanta-based rapper and business owner said. “You’re a lackey of the progressive movement because you have never disagreed with the people who tell you what to do.”

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