Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib told a sob story of how she wanted to visit her grandmother but decided not to because of the oppression her grandmother has had to suffer under in Palestine.

One problem with that is the pictures from the area in which Tlaib’s grandmother lives…It’s not the slum that was described.

Here’s a shot from the area Tlaib’s grandmother lives in:

Israel Hayom reports about what it’s really like to live where Tlaib’s grandmother lives in the Palestinian village of Beit-Ur alFauqa.

Facebook profiles of people who live there show it’s actually not bad at all:

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Achiam Tlaib drives a brand new BMW and his family lives in a very comfortable three-story building.

Raja Tlaib can be seen posing next to his new Mercedes.

Mawaid Tlaib vacationed in Italy and other places.

A view of the area shows it’s very nice:

Israel Hayom reports that even the World Bank said in 2014 that the village is one of the richest in the region. The poverty rate in the village stood at 7.4 % in 2014, compared to the overall rate of 21% in the Palestinian Authority.

Not too shabby!


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