Last week, Alex Jones scooped NBC and Megyn Kelly with a secretly recorded conversation he had with Kelly, where she begged him to agree to allow her interview him. Kelly can be heard offering her assurances that she would never disparage him.

The controversial Infowars host released the contents of their conversation — which he claims to have recorded — on his website Thursday night. Jones even released a teaser of what appears to be a secretly recorded conversation with Kelly (below).

NBC’s Megyn Kelly may be getting kudos for the hit job she did on Father’s Day for InfoWars host Alex Jones. But the ratings are weak. Even America’s Funniest Home Videos and a CBS “60 Minutes” rerun beat her out Sunday night. Lefty Think Progress called it a “ratings catastrophe.”

Her number: 3.5 million viewers. It’s her lowest since her new show Megyn Kelly Tonight began three weeks ago.

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CNN’s Brian Stelter called Jones a “virus.”

“What’s different about this, about this hate-monger, this conspiracy theorist?” Stelter asked on Sunday’s Reliable Sources. “I wonder if what is different, Charlie, is that the country feels very anxious right now, obviously very divided, as we have been talking about, and Alex Jones is a virus.  There’s maybe a fear of spreading that virus more fully on a big network like the National Broadcasting Company.”

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What Kelly shouldn’t be praised for are the lies she told Jones in her persuasive ass-kissy story pitch.

Before Sunday’s program, Jones called her “Medusa” and venomously ranwhat Kelly had to think were private phone calls in which she repeatedly claimed her story would not be a “gotcha” piece. “I don’t double-cross,” she insisted. She wanted to get to know HIM. She told him in the end he’d be fine with what she did. She wanted people to come away thinking how “interesting” he is, just another  father and not the boogeyman they’d imagined him to be. – Daily Caller

Watch Megyn Kelly’s hatchet job on Alex Jones here:

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