The news that a crazed anti-Trump protester took a pickax to President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star spread quickly on Thursday (see below). It was dramatic to see the damaged star but then great to see that it was replaced soon after with a new star. The star has become a symbol of the struggle between the anti and pro Trump groups. Joy Villa went out to the star to try and spread some positive vibes but the scene became ugly when a big group of anti-Trump thugs started a fight (video below). Villa tweeted out that a Marine Veteran in her group was punched in the face.

The big problem is that the anti-Trump crowd is violent and intolerant so they bully the pro-Trump crowd by assaulting them or just screaming at them. The rhetoric from Democrat politicians hasn’t helped matters. Maxine Watter and Cory Booker have both called for aggressive protests like getting in someone’s face. Nice, huh? Isn’t the left supposed to be the tolerant group?

Watch this video and you tell us:

The previous report on vandalism at the Hollywood walk of Fame:

A crazy leftist man carrying a pickax in a guitar case destroyed President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this morning. This is one of many times the star has been vandalized.

The man has turned himself into the LAPD. Leftists are buzzing about this on twitter. They have even suggested starting a Go Fund Me to raise money for this lunatic.

The thing that’s so puzzling is that the left still hasn’t figured out that this only wins votes for the right. Displays of lunacy like this are a turn off to most level headed Americans. This is how the #walkAway campaign has gained steam over the past few months. All we have to say is KEEP IT UP! #Trump2020Landslide!


A man took a sledgehammer and a pickax to the star a week after Trump was in office in 2016. Leftists have also urinated on the star and done so many other vulgar things to try and vandalize it.  Comedian Manny Lopez was filmed pretending to urinate on the star.


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