Texas RINO Dan Crenshaw has anointed himself the leader of the America Last movement.  While America First Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) are focused on issues that affect working families, Crenshaw and most of his colleagues are pushing a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine through Congress.  Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made the modest and reasonable request that Congress appoint someone to track how the $40 billion is spent and is being steamrolled by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Yesterday, Crenshaw viciously attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter after she asked him about his views on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Crenshaw was arguing with another Twitter user about the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine.  He said that the package was an “investment in the destruction of our adversary’s military,” a de-facto declaration of war against nuclear-armed Russia.

Greene replied to him by asking how spending $40 billion in a proxy war against Russia would help Americans.

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Crenshaw did not answer any of her questions.  Instead, he took a page from the Democrat’s playbook and accused Greene of being a Russian stooge.  “Still going after that slot on Russia Today huh?” He replied.

Greene refused to take his pathetic bait and said that she is focused on helping American families rather than funding proxy wars halfway across the world.

Since taking office last year, Marjorie Taylor Greene has proven herself to be one of President Trump’s staunchest allies and to stand up for Americans first, even in the face of intense criticism from her colleagues on both sides of the aisle.  It’s no wonder they attempted to get her off the ballot so she couldn’t be re-elected.

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