Undercutting President Trump’s agenda is what McConnell and ryan do best. It was most obvious during the Obamacare effort to repeal and replace. It’s maddening to us but can you imagine how President Trump feels?

He tweeted out his frustration last week and we can’t blame him:

The latest effort to block the MAGA agenda is happening because of Ryan and Mcconnell…AGAIN!

The Daily Caller reports below:

President Donald Trump is angry with Republican leaders because of a proposal floating around Capitol Hill that undercuts his legislative agenda and provides major concessions to Democrats, two conservative strategists with more than 40 years of Hill experience told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are planning to pass legislation that would raise the debt ceiling and fully fund Obamacare subsidies through the 2018 election cycle, a source within the administration told TheDCNF. Leadership is also preparing to pass a short-term spending bill — a continuing resolution — that would fund the government through mid-December, include no appropriations for Trump’s border wall, and continue funding to Planned Parenthood, the conservative strategists told TheDCNF.

Trump called both Republican leaders out on Twitter Thursday, claiming he asked the pair to attach a measure to raise the debt ceiling to the recently-passed Veterans Affairs bill. He then went on to blame McConnell and Ryan for failing to follow through with his request, and said raising the debt ceiling “could have been easy.” Now the situation is “a mess,” he said.

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