Crimes of various types go up and down in major cities every day. From year to year, they fluctuate. But, when violent crime surges double in a year, it is time for someone to analyze the problem. Most importantly, our children often become the victims of violent crime, and holding no one responsible is simply not acceptable.

On Monday evening in Seattle, a woman was walking down the street in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood when Wantez Tulloss walked up behind her and hit her over the head with a baseball bat. According to KOMO News reporter Preston Phillips, the heinous crime against an innocent woman that was caught on a surveillance video was a “random attack. ”

Tulloss has a lengthy criminal history, including two domestic violence convictions in 2013 and another for first-degree robbery in 2009, KING-TV reported. Prosecutors say he’s also had ten warrants for failing to appear in court.

***WARNING***Video is graphic.

We must find a solution fast!

The lives of Americans are at risk.

Is a crime surge across America the result of the President of the United States’ decision-making? In this case, it means President Biden. Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the crime surge’s fault in 2020 goes to Biden. The buck stops here approach is usually in theory only because Biden is unlikely to accept even 2% of the fault, much as he has done with the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco and the Covid flop.

Biden may have a bit of leeway to put some blame on others. In liberal states and cities across America, there has been a surge in violent crimes. In part, this is because District Attorneys/Prosecutors have been extremely soft on criminals. It is only human nature if one has the mindset of a criminal that if they know there is a strong likelihood, he will not be prosecuted for the crime, or the punishment will be light, the person will take the risk.

Career criminals are like career gamblers. They look at the percentages of what their action will likely result in. Usually, it comes down to four simple words. ‘Is it worth it?’ In America right now, the criminals believe the risk is worth it. The result is America and Americans will be reliving the ‘Wild Wild West’ again if a solution is not found, and soon.

Law enforcement across America has to work double-time to keep up with the volume of work they must attend to. Not only are violent crimes increasing, but lower-level crimes as well. Cities are seeing more shoplifting, looting, car thefts/hijackings, assaults, domestic abuse, and so much more.

The National Fraternal Order of Police opine there are four solutions to the crime problem:

The four suggested solutions are self-explanatory aside from the ‘Embrace Broken Windows Theory’:

What is the broken windows theory?
The broken windows theory states that any visible signs of crime and civil disorder, such as broken windows (hence, the name of the theory), vandalism, loitering, public drinking, jaywalking, and transportation fare evasion, create an urban environment that promotes even more crime and disorder (Wilson & Kelling, 1982).
An analogy:  If a parent allows their child not to follow house rules such as picking up trash, washing dishes, making their beds, and a dozen other small chores, the child will begin to rationalize that the home rules are not important.  Often, children will begin to test their parents with even more disobedient actions.  They may start skipping school, using illegal narcotics, shoplifting, and the next level of crimes may become violent such as assaults and even murder.  Many criminal justice professionals believe in order to have a stable society; authorities must let the public know even low-level criminal activity will not be tolerated.
Why are prosecutors in major cities being soft on crime?  It is vital we understand it is primarily liberal/democratic cities that are seeing crimes at all levels increasing.  Americans are very forgiving, caring, and forgiving.  They will often give 2nd chances when warranted.  But Americans do not want their beautiful country destroyed.  Americans remember that while Antifa and BLM scourged, looted, committed sexual assaults, and even murdered innocent people in numerous cities, the penalties were very lax. When conservatives protested at the U.S. Capital building on Jan 6, 2021, liberal politicians wanted the DOJ to come down very hard on them.  The DOJ complied and did take harsh measures toward the conservatives.
In America, the overall majority of people want safe towns and cities. They want their children to be safe at school. Most importantly, they desire a nation where all people, regardless of politics, are treated evenly.  Many Americans believe Biden has caused the chaos, and chaos trickles down from the top.

FOX NEWS recently reported on the current Crime Surge in America:

“Soft-on-crime district attorneys across the country are to blame for a spike in violent crime – not firearms, a former federal prosecutor told Fox News Digital.”

“Guns don’t commit crimes, neither do knives and hammers, people do,” said Charles Stimson, now a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. “It’s a red herring to focus on guns rather than the harder issue of how to enforce the law fairly and hold criminals accountable.”

Breitbart News reports –

Roughly 75 percent of registered voters believe defunding police departments is either a “major” or “minor” reason for rising violent crime in the United States, a new Morning Consult/Politico poll found.

The survey, conducted on Feb. 5-6 with 2,005 registered voters and a ±2 percentage point margin of error, found that nearly half — 49 percent — think defunding police departments is a “major reason” for rising violent crime. Twenty-six percent believe cutting funds is a minor reason, and a quarter of those polled do not think defunding police departments have contributed to rising violent crime at all.

American cities will be hit very hard with all manners of crime until the criminals realize it is no longer a game without severe penalties when the rule of law is broken.  It is time that Biden and Prosecutors across America unite for the good of America and not for their political careers.

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