The U.S. southern border recorded a record number of migrant encounters during a single day Monday.

Customs and Border Protection told Fox News there were over 12,600 migrant encounters on Monday.

Eagle Pass, Texas, was flooded with over 4,000 migrant crossings in the area in a single day.

“That does not include the thousands still waiting for processing in the Del Rio Sector on Monday evening after a surge of migrants into Eagle Pass,” Fox News wrote.

“Government numbers obtained from Border Patrol show yesterday had the most-ever immigrants encountered at the southern border: 14,509,” Anna Giaritelli reports.

“This is a phenomenon like we’ve never seen before. 26,758 in custody,” she added.

“Over 14,500 illegal immigrants have been encountered while entering our country. This has been the single worst 24 hours for our Southwest border in our nation’s history,” Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) commented.

“THOUSANDS OF MIGRANTS WAITING TO BE PROCESSED IN EAGLE PASS- Just got back to the U.S. and WOW. Thousands of migrants with hundreds more on the way are crossing into Eagle Pass in mass numbers. Reminds of Del Rio 2021 Haitian migration,” Jorge Ventura Media wrote.

NewsNation reports:

Border Patrol agents have described this to NewsNation as the worst migrant surge they’ve ever experienced in Eagle Pass.

NewsNation’s drone captured images of thousands of migrants waiting to be processed by Border Patrol agents, as large groups of more than 100 migrants crossed into Eagle Pass throughout the day, overwhelming agents and resources. Many of the migrants arrived on Sunday.

Eagle Pass was experiencing an average of more than 2,000 illegal crossings per day before the number doubled on Monday.

Deterrence and prevention has been frustrating for agents on the ground as those looking to enter the country use more unconventional tactics. Migrants from around the world are flocking to the U.S. border via freight trains, for instance.

Sources in Mexico told NewsNation that Mexican officials in central Mexico are conducting operations on fright rains, removing migrants en route to the U.S. border. Despite these efforts, the continuous influx of migrants to Eagle Pass has not slowed down.

Border agents called it the “worst day we’ve ever seen” in terms of illegal border crossings.



Per Fox News:

As of Tuesday morning, sources told Fox that agents are still processing and transporting more than 4,500 migrants at the busy crossing point, with more than 5,300 already in custody and facilities at 260% over capacity.

It means that the tiny border sector is dealing with over 10,000 total migrants, which is roughly a third of the entire of Eagle Pass itself, and agents are outmanned to a ratio of 200:1.

Meanwhile, there were over 3,000 encounters on Monday at the Tucson Sector in Arizona, where agents have also been overwhelmed and where Arizona’s Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs deployed the National Guard to help.

“With this Executive Order, I am taking action where the federal government won’t. But we can’t stand alone, Arizona needs resources and manpower to reopen the Lukeville crossing, manage the flow of migrants, and maintain a secure, orderly and humane border,” Hobbs said in a statement on Friday.

The border saw a record number of encounters in FY 23, with 2.4 million coming across the border. September was the highest month on record, while October was the highest October on record. November and December, a time when migration is typically slowing down, are looking likely to post record or near-record numbers, as well as agents now routinely see over 10,000 encounters a day.

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