As soon as the identity of  the Kavanaugh accuser was released, red flags popped up everywhere. It didn’t take long for people to poke holes in Christine Blasey Ford’s story from over 30 years ago. The details are sketchy about where she was and even how she got home. The version told now has changed from the version told in 2012 to her therapist.

The one thing that stands out is Ford’s presumption that she thought Kavanaugh was going to rape her or even kill her…This is conjecture on her part but now the media has jumped on the “rape” word and moved the ball down the field to accuse Kavanaugh of attempted rape and even attempted murder by repeating Ford’s comment that she thought Kavanaugh might kill her…

Do we know that’s the case…NO! Once again, the media is complicit with the Democrats in their effort to smear a man who has spent his entire life as an accomplished judge and citizen.

What about Judge Kavanaugh’s family? His daughters? Do the Democrats really want to go down this rabbit hole?

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Judge Kavanaugh has gone through 6 FBI background checks so let’s look into Christine Blasey Ford’s background.


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One thing that sticks is that Ford said she felt it was her “civic duty” to tell the story…for Democrats, the ends justify the means…

Even though Christine Blasey Ford was able to scrub her social media accounts before revealing herself, information was discovered to reveal that she’s a liberal activist who gave to many different liberal organizations.


OPEN SECRETS..Look at all of the political donations:

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney is a self-described Anti-Trump Resistance activist.

She even signed a letter that was against President Trump immigration policy. She gave many times to the DNC, DNCCC, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other leftist organizations.

2012 MEMORY:

American Thinker reports:

The most interesting aspect of her political activism is that by coincidence when Romney as ahead in the polls in 2012, it was reported that Brett Kavanaugh would be Romney’s first choice for SCOTUS if elected. That is when Ford suddenly told of the incident with Kavanaugh in couples therapy. It appears as though Ford recovered her memory at an opportune time.

In 2012, New Yorker Magazine reported on the fear that Democrats had if Romney won:

If a Republican, any Republican, wins in November, his most likely first nominee to the Supreme Court will be Brett Kavanaugh.-  Jeffrey Toobin


It’s also been revealed that Judge Kavanaugh’s mother presided over the bankruptcy trial of Christine Batey Ford’s parents.

Go to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Criteria page: In the “Case Number” search column, type 156006V and click “Get Case.” Then learn that the parents of Kavanaugh’s accuser were defendants in a court case his mother presided over.

As more comes out about Christine Blasey Ford, the more we question her motivation for telling this story whether it’s true or untrue. All we know is that the Democrats have reached an all-time low in their attempts to destroy anyone in their path. It’s sickening.

For Democrats, the ends justify the means…



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