Tonight Trump is holding a rally in Dayton, Ohio for Senate Candidate JD Vance, who is currently in a crucial race that could decide which party controls the Senate.

Republicans have come out in large numbers to support the Ohio candidate and show that the Red Tsunami has hit Ohio the day before Election Day.

The “extremist” MAGA Republicans were seen “threatening democracy” ahead of the rally by joining together in prayer outside of the venue.

Reports have suggested that Trump is considering announcing his third presidential run at the event this evening, something that his supporters have been anxiously anticipating for months now. Many people in Trump’s circle have reportedly advised him to hold off with this announcement until after the midterms are over.

Candidate for Ohio Senate, JD Vance, with President Donald Trump

On Sunday night, Trump addressed the speculation, saying, “I will probably have to do it again but stay tuned.”

As the tight race draws to a close, most polls have Vance slightly ahead of his opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan, who has tried to portray himself as a moderate candidate who will serve both parties.

Congressman Tim Ryan (D, OH)

However, he has explicitly spoken out against the Trump-supporting Republicans, calling them “extremists.” During a debate with Vance, Ryan said that he will “kill and confront the extremist movement of which JD Vance, unfortunately, is a part of.”

Ryan, who is among the highest-fundraising Senate candidates in the country, has drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans as he tries to appeal to moderate voters.

A Democratic county official in Hamilton, Ohio, Dusty Rhodes, put Ryan on blast for trying to “fool” his own party and being a “political opportunist.” In an opinion piece for Cincinnati’s The Enquirer, Rhodes wrote that the “narrative Ryan has built around himself is nothing more than shameless deception from a career politician desperate to cling to power.”

Despite Ryan’s claims that he is not going to follow every move made by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, “He votes in 100% lockstep with Pelosi and Biden in Congress,” said Rhodes, adding that the only thing Ryan stands for is “his own political ambition.”

Rhodes even reveals that in the midterm elections he will be casting his vote for Vance, calling him an “American success story.”

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