Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis proudly took the stage next to President Trump in Fort Meyers, Florida, as the massive crowd went wild. DeSantis told the cheering crowd, “I’m proud to say that of the candidates running for governor in the state of Florida, I’m the only one who’s worn the uniform and served in our military. I’m the only candidate that ain’t gonna raise your taxes here in Florida, and I’m the only guy  who can credibly say that I’m not under investigation for corruption by the FBI!” DeSantis also reminded the crowd that last year, the city of Tallahassee, where Andrew Gillum is currently serving as Mayor, had the highest murder rate, ever in the history of the United States. DeSantis also told the crowd that if they vote for Andrew Gillum, Florida will become a sanctuary state. The crowd roared in approval.

President Trump posted incredible photos of the crowd in Florida on his Twitter account:

Further north, in the state Florida, DeSantis’ Democrat opponent, Andrew Gillum, who is currently under FBI investigation for corruption, has openly stated that he wants to raise taxes on Floridians by 40%.

Hmmm….that almost sounds like the plan of a Socialist.

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Speaking of Socialists…

In a large, mostly empty stadium at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, avowed Socialist, Bernie Sanders attempted to rally a tiny crowd to support his comrade, Andrew Gillum. The only problem is, that in a college stadium, where every seat should have been filled, by indoctrinated students, dying to see the socialist darling of the Democrat Party the seats were mostly empty. A jumbotron scoreboard hung over the small crowd, projecting images of the angry, old, white Democrat as he pointed and pumped his fists. Sanders assured the group of college students that his comrade Andrew Gillum was “as strong and progressive any gubernatorial candidate in America.” That’s a great talking point on a college campus, but is the purple state of Florida ready for a socialist governor?

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Watch the video that captured a mostly empty stadium at the University of Central Florida.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s rally was rocking the state of Florida in Fort Meyers.

Go to the 31:35 mark to see President Trump introduce Congressman Ron DeSantis:

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