In Columbia, SC, Republican candidate Daniel Rickenmann has defeated Democrat Tameika Isaac Devine, despite Obama publically endorsing Devine. Although Columbia has been a deep blue city for the past several years, city councilman Rickenmann was still able to secure the victory.

Obama released a public endorsement for Democratic candidate Devine, as did Clyburn, a highly regarded Democrat. However, neither endorsement was enough to secure a victory for Devine.

This surprising result was celebrated as part of a “red wave” that seems to be sweeping both South Caroline and Virginia. First-time candidate Glenn Youngkin has also won the Virginia race for governor, another historically blue-leaning state.

Both states have seen Democratic losses trending upward as Biden’s poll numbers continue to trend down.

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A USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows that both Biden and Kamala have incredibly low approval ratings. 46% of those surveyed said Biden has performed worse in office than expected, and 64% don’t want Biden to run for reelection. On a similar trend, Kamala earned a 51.2% disapproval rating. These numbers do not look promising for the Democrats in terms of the 2022 midterms.

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