Facebook, Twitter, and Google aren’t the only tech giants who are censoring conservative voices.

One month ago, the social media site Reddit (the 6th most visited site in the U.S.), “quarantined” the “r/The_Donald,” the most popular pro-Trump community on their platform. Reddit is a social media site frequented by younger users,

Breitbart News reports This came after Reddit’s administrators decided to place the site’s largest hub of Trump supporters under “quarantine” on the basis of a single threat of violence, which was quickly removed by moderators of the pro-Trump community.

Members of the large pro-Trump community on Reddit, The_Donald, have compiled over a hundred examples of left-wing threats of violence on the social platform, including threats of violence against law enforcement, prominent media pundits, and politicians after the site censored the community of 750,000 Trump supporters.

To expose Reddit’s double standards, Trump supporters on Reddit have compiled a mammoth list of threats of violence on left-wing Reddit communities, which appeared without any punishment from Reddit’s administrators.

Anyone can set up a “subreddit” devoted to a particular topic, and /r/The_Donald has emerged as the largest pro-Trump subreddit with over 750,000 subscribed users. In 2016, the community’s size and high levels of activity meant its users frequently caused pro-Trump memes to go viral across the site.

One of the most popular “subreddit” accounts on Reddit, is “r/BlackPeopleTwitter,” with 3.4 million members.

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In their “ABOUT US” section, “r/BlackPeopleReddit” explains:

Black culture has a unique way of examining every day life and we are here to showcase it. That being said this sub is intended for exceptionally hilarious and insightful social media posts made by black people and we welcome all people who want to laugh with us to enjoy and contribute.

A closer examination proves the “About Us” description of their community is not really accurate.

The first rule on their subreddit account is that posts must be “from black people only” and the fourth rule claims there is “No Racism/Hate speech allowed.

When a frequent visitor to the “r/BlackPeopleTwitter” subreddit sent us her story, along with these screenshots, we were stunned. The female user attempted to call out the RACIST and inaccurate comments in the post, but her comment was deleted and she received a message informing her that in order to become “verified” on their subreddit, she would need to send a photo of her forearm, along with a timestamp and her user name.

She was told that if she can’t prove she’s black or at the very least, a POC (person of color), she will no longer be able to enjoy the same benefits as other users with more pigment in their skin.

Here’s a screenshot of the message she received from the “r/BlackPeopleTwitter” administrators.

The r/BlackPeopleTwitter administrators claim they’re open to “everyone,” yet at the bottom of the “How To Get Verified” explanation, they tell users they must prove they aren’t white-skinned if they want the same privileges as people of color.

Instead of flagging this post for being filled with lies and propaganda, like Trump wants to build a “$70 billion wall” (not sure where he got that figure), because of “one girl killed accidentally by an illegal alien in SF” (Kate Steinle?). “Alex Cole’s” tweet also falsely claims the El Paso killer was a “MAGA hat” wearing “terrorist.” There is zero evidence of the killer wearing a MAGA hat. But, instead of removing the inflammatory and false post, the administrators on the Black People only account, deleted the comment by the woman who claimed his statement was ridiculous and asked for a photo of her forearm.

What do you think? Do you think this is a racist policy that Reddit is allowing to be enforced on their platform?

Should Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Google all be broken up into smaller companies? Do they have too much control over news and opinion that’s being shared on the internet? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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