Brigitte Macron is 24 years older than her husband. She is 64-years old and is in great shape for a woman of her age. As a female, who is younger than Mrs. Macron, I would be thrilled if the most powerful man in the world shook my hand and offered me a sincere compliment about what “great shape” I was in. Mrs. Macron didn’t likely wake up one morning and decide she wanted to be a stunning 64-year old woman. She likely had to work at it. Being a 64-year old woman who is married to a charismatic 39-year old man, who is also the newly elected leader of France is probably not that easy. She likely has a rigorous workout schedule, and if she is like most women, she appreciates it when someone notices how hard she works to stay in “great shape.” It is possible that Macron has simply been gifted with great genes and does nothing at all to stay in “great shape”, but either way, a compliment about her appearance was likely appreciated by the 64-year old stunner. The Daily Mail ran a wildly popular article in May about Brigitte Macron titled:

How DOES Macron’s wife defy her age? Experts claim hair extensions, veneers, designer style and some very subtle cosmetic surgery keep Brigitte Trogneux, 64, looking so youthful

Hmmm…We don’t remember the outrage from the media over the Daily Mail article that explored every possibility that could explain Macron’s age-defying look, that ran just prior to France’s election. 

There will, of course, always be critics. After all, the compliment didn’t just come from any man, it came from the man who was not supposed to defeat the media’s candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

Many on social media have criticized the Macron couple’s difference in age. Macron’s campaign was very aware that the age difference could be a turn off to some voters, as the media was quick to dispel any thoughts that Brigitte was some sort of “pedophile” or “cougar.” They shared the Macron’s unusual story of how Emmanuel Macron fell in love with his wife Brigitte while she was his high school drama teacher. They talked about how he pledged his love to her early on, promising he would come back some day and marry her. (How quickly everyone forgets the criticism Donald Trump got on social media for marrying the much younger Melania.)

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In case the world hasn’t noticed, President Trump doesn’t play the same game as other politicians. He’s genuine and honest. He says what he feels and most importantly, he says what’s in his heart. He’s not a career politician, and for that, most of us are grateful. When President Trump greeted Brigitte Macron for the first time, he shook her hand, looked her straight in the eye, and complimented her on how great she looked. Trump simply told her, “You’re in such great shape” and then followed it up by telling her she was “beautiful”. The media and those on the left went nuts. It wasn’t just individuals on social media and leftist journalists who attacked Donald Trump. One major athletic apparel and accessory company took to Twitter to mock our sitting President.

For some reason, someone at Reebok thought it would be a good idea to tweet a chart to President Trump to let him know whether or not he should compliment the 64-year old Macron. When did Reebok become the arbiter of free-speech? Who, at Reebok decided it would be a good idea to mock our President on social media?  Is Reebok really such a powerful athletic wear company that they can afford to lose half of their customer base over a stupid tweet?  

Note to Reebok: We don’t care that President Trump offended French liberals and leftist American journalists. We don’t care that he offended Democrat lawmakers, who are constantly looking for a reason to discredit our president. We care that President Trump loves America, and that he wakes up every day thinking about how he’ll continue to bring more jobs back to Americans. We admire him for his commitment to putting America first and for his dedication to keeping our nation safe. We don’t give a damn if you’re offended over President Trump’s  compliments to Brigitte Macron.

Mrs. Macron is seen smiling, as she sits next to President Trump while dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower with her husband French President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Melania Trump.

The Macron’s spent several hours with the Trump’s, after President Trump offered his sincere compliments to Brigitte. Many of the photos taken after the first meeting with the Macron’s and Trump’s defy what the media would like you to believe about Trump’s relationship with the French president and his wife. In fact, quite to the contrary, Mr. and Mrs. Macron appeared to be enjoying their visit with America’s first couple quite a bit.     

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