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Kat Stansell of “Kat’s Korner”

I will try to make those thoughts timely and relevant because we have little time left to save our Republic.  Saving that system of government, which has done more good for more millions of people around the world than has any other form of government in history, is absolutely essential.  Righting the course of the Ship of State is really my only priority for now. It MUST be done.  It MUST be done before the 2022 midterm elections.  And, it can be done, securing the ballot from our local levels as we head into  November.  VOTER FRAUD – illegitimate votes cast wherever and however – STEALS EVERY CITIZEN’S VOTE.  Fraud cancels your own choices.  It has nothing to do with party preference.  Securing our election process is good for ALL.  When states and organizations (and trolls) whine about how honest our elections are – especially the 2020 debacle – they are shining a bright light of discovery on their own operations.  I’ll never understand how is it that THEY don’t understand this.  More on this to come in my ERIC, Part II.

Along this line, it is high time to ask you to check your party labels at the door; throw them out.  They have become meaningless.  The parties have oozed together as they rot in the government swamp until they are unrecognizable.  Part of the frustration and outright anger in this country is caused by Americans trying to find their old party allegiances.  Lots of Blue voters tell me that they are sick and tired of being called violent and socialist.  Red voters are angry at being labeled racist, and ignorant, not to mention their patriotism now being officially termed “terrorism’!  Our only choice at the ballot box in any election, now and for the foreseeable future, is between our Constitution and Communism.  Please understand that.  Stop viewing family and friends as the enemy if you can, and share the common need to save our freedoms.  There will never be a special dispensation card handed out to those who voted “Democrat” in the last election, which would shield them from rampant inflation, medical heresy, shortages of food and fuel (and more!).  Following the media-led frenzy to validate the invalid, will never rescue your fast-disappearing freedoms.  Put simply, ALL of us, Red, Blue, or Purple, are being treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit.  THAT is a dangerous condition, and I will write about that in the next few days as well.

The bedrock of our entire republic – faith, family, and education – has been progressively chipped away until it had turned into shifting sands.  Sand creates uncertain footing when the winds blow, as you well know.   Those winds are strengthening by the day.  We MUST change that.  Dig deeper, for understanding, for community.   Find that moral base on which to stand, and don’t be afraid of showing it.

Children educated since Common Core began to destroy our schools in 1992, have been taught that America is bad.  Our churches have been rendered pretty useless.  They have either adapted the “social gospel” wherein you are only saved by doing the government’s bidding, not God’s; or they still fear the “separation of church and state” tax dupe, and opt to stay out of politics so they don’t lose their tax-exempt status.  There is much that churches can and should be doing, all of which is legal.  I will be sharing this with you down the road.  That leaves families, which have also been torn apart by the extreme divisiveness that has been installed since Obama came to office.  Some may still be strong; many are not.  Find somewhere to dig down to firmer foundations if you can, then get busy.  I’ll tell you how.

Compromise – two different viewpoints getting together to solve the problems in front of us – is no longer possible.  One side is being told that America IS the problem and must be destroyed.  Hard to deal with the “handshake across the aisle” method of legislation, when the only thing passing between hands in DC today seems to be dark money from one source or another.

Stay with me.  I am not a “breaking news” writer, but rather, an analyst.  I will share my thoughts on where to help and how.  I am talking to every American who values their freedoms, with which we have been so richly blessed.  We have become spoiled by our riches of opportunity granted by our founding documents, and complacent.  Lazy.   We MUST start with securing the ballot for 2022.  THIS WILL BE OUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC.  Together, we must get off the couch and out the door.  We have a country to save, and we have only a few months to do it.




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