We’d love to know your thoughts on this! We think it’s sort of unreal that this company was forced via social media to drop the name and change it from “Refugee Dress” to “Oxford Dress”…Does anyone see the irony in this name change?

We also want to weigh in on just how unattractive this dress is and how it just looks like a sheet. Your thoughts?

A controversial “Refugee Dress” was still being sold Tuesday on the website of clothing retailer UZINYC, six days after the company said it had changed the name of the much criticized dress.

WHAT’S INTERESTING IS THAT THE NAME OF THIS DRESS HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE 2007: “We named the dress in 2007 when we could not see ourselves escaping the reality of a global economy spinning out of control”

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The brand was forced to change the name of the $119 dress from “Refugee Dress” to “Oxford Dress,” after a storm of criticism on social media. But while the company had re-named the title of the page, it seemed to have forgotten about the picture captions, which still label the dress as a “black refugee dress.” That label can still be seen by scrolling down the homepage of the website and clicking a photo preview of the garment.


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UZINYC recently told Mic that it originally created the dress to draw attention to the refugee crisis. “We feel that it is important to keep these issues within public discourse,” co-founder Mari Gustafson told the website. ” The American economy has recovered, and through perseverance and luck our company has recovered as well. We are now able to provide jobs for others and give them a sense of hope and stability.”
“We are sorry if we have disturbed anyone,” Gustafson told Today.com.

Last week, critics of the dress took to Twitter to complain about the use of the phrase “refugee” to market a dress. “Refugees are neither ‘nomads’ nor sales gimmick,” one Twitter user wrote. “Apologize, rename dress, donate to UNHCR.”

Via: Fortune


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