These “asylum seekers” aged between 22 and 45, all arrived in Austria between May and December 2015…

“Vienna has experienced a number of asylum seeker related sex attacks and as in Germany police denied any incidents until they surfaced in local media.”


While pro-refugee Americans just don’t get why Iraq is included in the 7 country Muslim 90-day halt on refugees, we have this horrifying story coming out of Vienna, Austria:

Prosecution papers show that the young woman, who had been visiting friends in Vienna, had felt unwell and had gone outside to get some fresh air at about 3am.

It’s alleged that the men saw her unsteady on her feet and dragged her back to their flat on Rustenschacher Allee in the Leopoldstad district on January 1.

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The woman claims she was stripped and put on a bed in a darkened room.

She told police the men attacked her one at a time so she wouldn’t know how many of them had been involved.

The men reportedly took selfies after the attacks, according to Kronen Zeitung.


The woman, who hasn’t been named due to local privacy laws, told officers she begged her attackers to stop, saying: “Please, I don’t want this”, but had been completely ignored.

After they had all finished, she was taken back outside after being dressed and dumped at a bus stop where she was spotted by passers-by. They called police, and she was hospitalised.

Explaining why they had not reported the case, as well as other sex attacks, police claimed it was out of respect for the privacy of the victim.

Police suspect that the nine had probably given the young woman knockout drops as well in order to keep her unable to defend herself.

The statement said that: “While one of them was raping her, the others were waiting in the room nearby for their chance to go in.”

After she was released from hospital where she was treated for physical injuries, she needed psychiatric treatment, and cannot sleep without taking medication, according to local reports.

The nine accused were arrested earlier this year and blame each other for the incident, and also at the same time claim that the woman had agreed to sex.

The case is yet to come to court.

Vienna has experienced a number of asylum seeker related sex attacks and as in Germany police denied any incidents until they surfaced in local media.

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