The quiet invasion of small town America has been happening for some time now but Obama has it on hyper speed. I just found out that my state is getting at least 5,100 Muslim “refugees” this year. What can I do to stop it since the refugee agencies (who make a fortune off of the taxpayers) are entrenched in my state? Well, one citizen of South Carolina decided to sue the governor of his state for trying to open the floodgates to Muslim “refugees”: 

South Carolina has been at the forefront of the battle against President Obama’s refugee resettlement plans for nearly a year, with grassroots activists fighting not only the White House but their own Republican Gov. Nikki Haley.

Since that time, it has become apparent to South Carolina conservatives, including many who voted for Haley, that she is a supporter of Obama’s drive to convert millions of recent immigrants into “new Americans” by the time he leaves office, using not only the United Nations refugee pipeline but also a steady influx of illegal immigrants from Central America.

Haley has supported the president’s plan to bring in refugees from jihadist hotspots like Syria and Iraq, the activists say, while also quietly embracing Obama’s resettlement of illegal Central American children in their state, using the family courts to secretly place them in communities without their knowledge or approval.

So now they’re taking their battle against Haley into the courtroom, filing a lawsuit against the governor, the State Department of Social Services, and two church-based organizations that help the government transplant refugees not only in South Carolina but dozens of cities and towns across America.

The suit seeks to halt all resettlement of refugees in South Carolina “until a full accounting of any and all federal money used in this program and specifically where it was allocated and how allocated (and) in which counties.”

South Carolina’s brouhaha over refugees erupted in March 2015 when a local newspaper ran an article “announcing” that World Relief Corp. planned to partner with churches and resettle about a dozen Syrians in the Spartanburg area. Secretary of State John Kerry dispatched his top refugee overseer, Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard, to the Palmetto state to calm nerves.

Thus far no Syrians have been sent to Spartanburg and only three have been placed in the state, near Columbia.

The plaintiff in the civil case is Brian Bilbro (pictured below), a husband and father of two young girls who lives near Columbia in Richland County and works in medical sales. He says he and other South Carolina families have not had their concerns addressed, or even taken seriously, by Haley’s administration or the state legislature.


“I’m not a part of any rightwing groups, not involved with the NRA, just a normal taxpaying citizen who is concerned for the safety of his family.”
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