This is the scam that’s been going on for decades here in America. So-called “refugees” are brought in and then they bring in their family members but none of them are truly refugees. Here’s the Canadian testimony that blew the lid off of the scam:

Shocking testimony today at the Public Safety Committee of the House of Commons about the fact that of the 21,000 refugees that have been screened and are either in Canada or in transit to Canada, almost none of them came from camps.

That’s right. They weren’t living in camps or living in squalor as we had been told and this was NOT about helping the most vulnerable.


If you’ve been following our coverage of this story, this should confirm that the Liberals don’t know what they’re doing other than rushing people through the door as fast as they can, then warehousing them in hotels at tremendous expense to taxpayers.

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This project has been a disaster from beginning to end and this latest revelation that we’re not bringing in people from squalid camps, just gives more proof to what we’ve been saying all along – that this whole costly exercise was just a vanity project for Justin Trudeau and a way to create future voters for the liberal party.


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Canada is a great example of “you get what you vote for”. Liberal PM Justin Trudeau has embraced flooding Canada with as many Muslim refugees as possible. More, more, more…If this continues, Canada will soon be like Europe. Note that housing and funding is really difficult for some of these refugees. Economies cannot and should not have to fund these refugees:

“Hundreds of government-sponsored refugees have struggled to find housing and remain in hotels in Toronto, where the housing market is tight and expensive.”


Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in October on a promise to accept more Syrian refugees more quickly than the previous Conservative government had allowed, but the original deadline for accepting 25,000 by the end of 2015 proved too ambitious and the timeline was extended by two months.


During his election campaign, Trudeau said a Liberal government would work with private sponsors to accept “even more” than the immediate goal of 25,000, and Immigration Minister John McCallum said in December the government could double the intake to 50,000 by the end of 2016.

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