Wow! They’re really coming out of the woodwork now! Peeping at little girls is sick and so twisted but it’s obvious this guy has a past…he’s a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER! Is this what OBAMA and the nutty liberals want? Keep you children close and go into the bathroom with them…you don’t know who you’ll find in there these days. 

After questioning a man seen peeping at little girls in the women’s bathroom of a community park, California police discovered he was already a registered sex offender.

Police in Placerville, Calif., arrested Kenneth Tincher, 62, for harassing little girls in a bathroom of the city’s Rotary Park. The girls were at the park on a field trip for school, police reported. Witnesses told police that for much of the time Tincher was hovering outside the bathroom and leering at the little girls, but at one point even went inside the bathroom with some of the girls.

The suspect fled the park before police arrived, but he was was later arrested at another city park. He was wearing only a pair of pants, found living out of his truck, and told police he is a transient from Sacramento.

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Once they identified the suspect, police learned he was already a registered sex offender. Placerville authorities reported that Tincher was registered as a sex offender in Sacramento only two weeks prior to this latest incident.

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