The ridiculous NBC Chuck Todd -vs- Reince Peibus interview is beyond absurd.

The entire premise for Chuck Todd’s position is two media reports.  One of those media reports (NYT) is demonstrably false; the second (WaPo) is specifically constructed to target and undermine the Trump presidency.  The Washington Post was previously cited, on the record, with their own statements, claiming their intention and motivation to oppose the Donald Trump candidacy.

Incoming White House Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus pushes back against reports from both publications based on his personal knowledge one is false; and no indication the second is anything other than false. –Conservative Treehouse

Reince Priebus was almost laughing out loud at the obviously flustered Chuck Todd after he became overly emotional when Preibus demanded the accusations that the RNC was hacked by the NYT’s and the Washington Post were NOT TRUE: “I don’t know why you’re so hot about this? The fact of the matter is, you should be happy the RNC was not hacked.”

“The RNC was not hacked Chuck!”

“Then why was the FBI there?”, Todd whines…

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Priebus is finally fed up with Chuck Todd’s obsession with getting him to admit that the RNC was hacked: “So you tell me, why would the press run with something that wasn’t true?”

No response was given to Priebus’ question.

Todd presses on: “Do you not believe Russia was involved?”

Priebus: “Here’s what I’m saying, you don’t have a single source. You tell me who the specific source is who said the RNC was hacked?”

Go to about the 4:40 minute mark:

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