Like others, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been pressing the Pelosi-led house to release video footage from January 6. Judicial Watch is known for suing to obtain documents from the government.
Fitton said the DC jail is run awfully, with awful conditions. He also said that most of the J6 prisoners are still in jail, not because they are a danger to society but for political reasons. They are being punished for the statements they made about the elections, statements that should be protected by the First Amendment.

Fitton also believes that Pelosi is hiding videos linked to the homicide of Ashli Babbit.


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In an attempt to call for solidarity for the J6 prisoners, a group rallied to sing Christan songs to encourage the prisoners; apparently, leftists chanted horrible things targeting Ashli Babbit’s mom.

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The disparity in how the J6 prisoners have been treated versus BLM rioters is stunning. The DOJ has been pressed on why BLM protestors were not held in solitary confinement.


Many are calling out how the prisoners have been treated. Some have already been held without bond for longer than any sentencing they may receive. On January 6, prisoner Ryan Samsel was beamed so bad he lost an eye and was later tied to a chair for 12 hours, yet he has been denied health care; this is not the American way; it’s inhumane.

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