Michelle Obama took an entourage to Morocco for one night at a cost to taxpayers of over $600K but there’s so much more to this taxpayer giveaway.

This trip is maddening enough because it’s just more and more taxpayer dollars spent on the nothing burger of “Let Girls Learn”.  Michelle Obama has been traveling all over the world on YOUR dime under the guise of education for girls. She even went to the UK for this! What a joke!
The thing that stood out to us is the “donation” of $100 million and $400K from two redistributive government agencies using your tax dollars AGAIN! Is this what we pay taxes for? Check out USAID and Millennium Challenge Corporation! While our schools crumble, we’re throwing money at countries all over the world! 

Michelle Obama and her daughters indulged in a traditional Moroccan iftar with Princess Lalla Salma, the wife of King Mohammed VI, on Tuesday evening.
The Obamas were joined by actress Meryl Streep and other members of the Moroccan Royal family at the sumptuous dinner to break the fast during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan at King’s Palace in Marrakesh. The first lady travels to Spain on Wednesday.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s one night stay in Morocco cost taxpayers over $600,000 in hotel and car rental costs alone.

Rooms were booked at three five-star hotels for the 24-hour visit, according to contracts signed off by the State Department.

Two contracts were signed for rooms at the Royal Mansour worth $50,000 and $10,073. The five-star hotel has a mother-daughter spa suite, promises its guests “wonder, luxury and unparalleled services,” and offers a “spiritual spa journey.”

The Hotel Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa was also booked for Mrs. Obama’s trip, including contracts worth $200,000, $31,968, and $28,039. The Secret Service also stayed at the Sofitel for $133,493. A pre-advance visit cost $4,676.

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Additional rooms were booked at the Pearl Marrakech Hotel, costing $24,934.

Renting a car and driver for Mrs. Obama’s visit cost $6,966, and other car service for Secret Service, the White House Military Office, and the White House Communications Agency totaled $122,173. In all, the contracts totaled $612,322.

Flights for the trip totaled $300,000!

Streep and actress Freida Pinto joined the first lady’s encounter with two dozen young women in Marrakesh to discuss the challenges girls around the world face in getting educated.

In the North African kingdom of Morocco, only 36 percent of girls continue school beyond the primary level.
‘We have to change those notions that girls are only valuable for their reproductive capacity or their ability to do manual labor,’ Obama said, adding that 62 million girls worldwide do not have access to education for an array of reasons, from a lack of resources to cultural norms.
The first lady’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, joined their mother in Marrakesh but did not take part in the event.
The ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative, launched in March 2015 by President Barack Obama and the first lady, is to be extended to Morocco, the White House announced Tuesday.
It said the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a U.S. government foreign aid agency working in partnership with the Moroccan government, is investing nearly $100 million to transform secondary education in the country.
USAID is also giving $400,000 to create five new girls’ dormitories to improve educational opportunities for girls from rural areas.

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