Jenna Fischer is best known for playing the very likeable character, “Pam”, in the hit series “The Office”. Actress Jenna Fischer decided to use her huge fan base of over 750,000 followers on Twitter to point out how the GOP Tax bill that President Trump worked so hard to push through was punishing teachers. The only problem is, Fischer’s tweet was incorrect.

Maybe she should stick to comedy.

Actress Jenna Fischer, best known for her role as Pam on NBC’s “The Office,” found herself in hot water after she shared inaccurate information about the GOP tax bill on Twitter.

“I can’t stop thinking about how school teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their classroom supplies on their taxes…something they shouldn’t have to pay for with their own money in the first place. I mean, imagine if nurses had to go buy their own syringes. #ugh,” Fisher tweeted on Saturday.

After Fischer got destroyed on Twitter for posting bad information, she DELETED her tweet.

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Twitter users were quick to point out that Fischer was misinformed; the $250 school supplies deduction was included in the bill.

The 43-year-old followed up her tweet writing, “It was capped at $250 which is woefully insufficient especially considering they shouldn’t have to go out of pocket at all. #iloveteachers.”

However, the actress was still incorrect and the Twitterverse was more than happy to correct her. –Fox News

To her credit, Fischer admitted she was wrong and even made a formal apology on Twitter for posting information that was not accurate about the GOP tax bill.

This isn’t the first time actress Jenna Fischer expressed his dislike for President Trump and his policies. On November 30, Fischer attempted to capitalize on the anger her followers may have had about two Britain First videos that President Trump re-tweeted, by asking them to donate to Miry’s List, a group who welcomes refugee families to America.


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