A jihadist stole a beer truck and used it as a weapon to run over as many innocent people as he could…Yes, this happened in Sweden. Think about that…

President Trump was mocked when he spoke of possibilities of terror in Sweden. He had seen a video of a man being attacked in a Muslim no-go zone. Ami Horowoitz was able to escape the area but the video proved that there are areas in Sweden now that are designated Muslim no-go zones.

Sweden: The most “liberal,” “progressive,” refugee friendly, Islam-friendly country in the entire west…Still attacked by Islamic terrorists – Paul Joseph Watson

What happened today in Sweden is yet another  warning for all of us:

YES, ANOTHER TRUCK ATTACK…This is now the weapon of choice for ISIS.

Two clues that it’s terror:

Shots were heard and the driver, who was said by witnesses to be wearing a balaclava (a black mask-like covering for the entire face), is thought to have been arrested. There were also reports of shots at a second incident.

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Three people have died after a large truck plowed through crowds in a busy shopping district in Stockholm, Sweden.
Crowds running from the scene where a large truck plowed through shoppers in a busy shopping area in Stockholm, Sweden:

‘We stood inside a shoe store and people started screaming.
‘So I looked out of the store and I saw a huge truck slam into the wall opposite.’

Mr Granroth managed to escape after running through an emergency exit.
Another witness, called Dimitris, described the panic and saw ‘at least’ two people being run over.
He said: I went to the main street when a big truck came out of nowhere. I could not see if anyone was driving it but it got out of control.

SWEDEN‘I saw at least two being run over – I ran as fast as I could.’
A woman, called Anna, witnessed the incident and described seeing ‘hundreds of people running for their lives’.
She said: ‘I turned and ran after seeing hundreds of people running, they ran for their lives.’

Shocking video footage showed hundreds of terrified shoppers sprint for their lives after the truck rammed into pedestrians.
Just moments after the suspected terrorist incident, armed police wearing gas masks quickly rushed to the scene and shut off the busy road in the centre of the capital.

Maria Nathalie was on the top floor of the store when the fire alarm was triggered.
Speaking on the phone, she told NBC: ‘People started running down the stairs when the fire alarm started.
‘When we came down to the bottom of the building all we could see was a lot of smoke.’
This comes after trucks were used in terror attacks in Nice and Berlin last year. A car was also used to kill pedestrians in the Westminster Bridge two weeks ago which killed five people.

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