Yesterday, Americans obsessed with the Hollywood freak’s defamation case cheered when actor Johnny Depp won an astounding $8.35 million defamation suit against his former wife and actress Amber Heard.

Even House Republicans shared an image of Johnny Depp as Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow on Twitter. Although they didn’t include any commentary with the GIF of Depp, they appeared to be presenting him as a hero or victor in the lawsuit.

How quickly everyone, including the GOP, has forgotten about Depp’s threat of assassinating President Trump in 2017.

The lawsuit against Heard was riddled with accusations of violence by Heard against Depp and Depp against Heard. So it’s curious that Heard’s lawyer never discussed Depp’s threatening remarks about assassinating President Trump during a Q & A in Glastonbury.

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In June 2017, while introducing his 2004 film ‘The Libertine’ to a crowd at the new Cinemageddon stage at Glastonbury, the 54-year-old decided to discuss assassinating President Trump.

“I think [Donald] Trump needs help,” he said. “There are a lot of dark places he could go.”

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He added: “I’m not insinuating anything—by the way, this will be in the press, and it will be horrible. But when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

Depp’s audience burst out in loud cheers, to which Depp responded: “Don’t worry, I’m not an actor; I lie for a living.”

Can someone please explain how this guy is somehow a hero?

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