Reporter and TV host Ben Bergquam has been at the U.S.-Mexico border reporting on the illegal immigrants that are flooding into the United States from countries all over the world and the alarming lack of border security.

In a recent video posted to social media by Bergquam, he shows a large group of illegal immigrants walking along the U.S. side of the border wall in Yuma, Arizona.

“The definition of ‘death of a nation!'” Bergquam wrote on Twitter. “Just now in Yuma, Arizona. Behind the wall about a mile down, almost to where the cartel is sending them across. I guess this is what secretary Mayorkas and Biden think Security looks like!”

In the accompanying video, Bergquam walks toward the illegal immigrants who have just been sent across the border by the cartel and asks them where they are from. The responses he gets include Mauritania, Senegal, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, and India.

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Bergquam also posted to Instagram with more footage from the Arizona border wall. He explained to his viewers the dangers of being in that area at night because the entire operation is run by drug cartels.

“So far tonight we’ve probably got 150 that have come across, and the night is young – or the morning is early,” he said. “It’s all cartel controlled, so they decide when they’re coming and they send the groups across.”

“Secretary Mayorkas says the border’s secure. He’s a liar. He’s an absolute liar and he knows it,” Bergquam said as he headed toward where border patrol was processing the illegal immigrants.

He also held up a Quran that he found in the dirt at the border that had been left behind by an immigrant.


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In an astonishing follow-up video from the same night, Bergquam exposed the border patrol for letting a massive group of immigrants into the country instead of turning them away like they are supposed to be doing.

Bergquam also posted an image of all the IDs and passports he collected at the border that had been left behind by illegal immigrants.

He wrote,

“These are the IDs we found on the border in Yuma, AZ. Why would people drop their IDs you might ask? The answer is simple, so we don’t know who they really are. The green IDs represent people that have been given authorization to stay and work in Mexico, which would disqualify them from seeking asylum in America. Many times people have criminal history’s that they don’t want us to know about, and other times they’re bringing people that aren’t family members and pretending that they are. Some that cross are terrorists. The bottom line is they’ve all been coached by leftist NGOs on how to game the system! It’s called immigration, fraud, and for some stupid reason Biden and Mayorkas allow it!”

In a video from the San Ysidro port of entry in California, Bergquam spoke with immigrants who were waiting to be processed and put on buses. Meanwhile, employees of the leftist NGO that was processing the illegal immigrants were telling them not to talk to Bergquam.

The reporter did, however, manage to have a good conversation with an immigrant from Nigeria who had used the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s CBP One app to submit his information and apply for advanced authorization to travel prior to his arrival at a port of entry.

The immigrant, who revealed he had to leave his family behind because it was too expensive to take them along, told Bergquam that he landed in Tijuana, Mexico, and was quickly granted entry to the U.S.


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