Rep. Adam Schiff discusses President Trump’s comments on China’s responsibility for the spread of the coronavirus below. Instead of supporting the president, Rep. Schiff makes the outrageous claim that by criticizing China, Trump is “continuing disservice to the country.”

Schiff believes America shouldn’t tell the truth and criticize China for unleashing a pandemic that is like World War III. Our economy is devastated, and thousands of Americans died. How can Schiff square these tragic facts with confronting China as being a bad thing?

Whether the virus originated in a lab or in a wet market, it came from China. President Trump was asked today about what he wants from China and he responded that he wants China to be “transparent” about what happened in Wuhan.

“What they’re clearly trying to do is deflect attention away from the administration’s terrible mishandling of this virus.”

Could it be that Schiff is defending China and using distractions of his own (see below)?

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Breaking news that Rep. Schiff might not want Americans to see:

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