Fox News’ Greg Jarrett perfectly describes Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff in his blistering description of the master of dirty tricks.

Fox News – Rep. Adam Schiff is a poor man’s Harry Houdini. He is a cheap illusionist performing amateurish parlor tricks of deception in his quest to convince his audience that he possesses damning evidence of an impeachable offense committed by President Trump.

Schiff, D-Calif., has no such evidence, of course. But like most illusionists, Schiff employs misdirection and confusion. He attempts to convince you that opinions are evidence, while facts are not. This is the stuff of rank political magic where perceptions are distorted through clever manipulation of the process.

Schiff has become the master manipulator aided, in large part, by the secrecy of his faux magic act. He won’t allow you to peek behind the curtain to see for yourself the witnesses he has called in his “super top secret” impeachment inquisition. You are never permitted to view transcripts of depositions or examine testimony that purports to incriminate the president. That, of course, would ruin all the hocus-pocus.

House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff tells fellow members of Congress “I do not take any pleasure in the events that have made this process necessary,” calling their decision to undo the results of the 2016 election through another manufactured Trump scandal, “the most important service, as members of Congress we will ever pay to the country and Constitution that we all love and pledge to defend.”

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Surely Schiff can’t be talking about the U.S. Constitution that Democrats have been attempting to dismantle for decades?

After the partisan vote to proceed with the impeachment inquiry, a solemn and dramatic Chairman Schiff told the media, Democrats “take no joy” in having to proceed with the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.


Watch Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) lay out the facts about Rep. Adam Schiff’s baseless, dirty and underhanded investigation into Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelensky.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist points out how Rep. Adam Schiff did an about-face on his blockbuster whistleblower report when it was revealed that his office was coaching the so-called whistleblower.

House Democrats’ top impeachment inquisitor abruptly changed from repeatedly insisting on the testimony of a whistleblower against President Donald Trump to working to prevent it. The change occurred as soon as it was revealed the complainant had secretly worked with Rep. Adam Schiff’s Democratic staff prior to filing his formal complaint on Aug. 12.

At first, Schiff insisted an anti-Trump bureaucrat sharing allegations against the president must share his story with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. But after news broke that Schiff’s staff had secretly worked with the whistleblower prior to the complaint being lodged, discussions that the whistleblower failed to mention when specifically asked about them as part of the official whistleblower process, Schiff moved to prevent the testimony. The move appears designed to prevent Republican lawmakers from asking the individual under oath about his discussions with House Democrats, media, and others involved in the impeachment effort.

Is it time for the mainstream media to do their jobs and expose the underhanded, dirty tricks being used to undo the 2016 election results? Tell us what you think about Adam Schiff’s Democrat only Kangaroo Court proceedings that are taking place in the basement of Congress.

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