Rep. Bradley Byrne shocked a DC hearing room when he told the true number of taxpayer dollars spent every year to educate illegal alien children in America. It’s unbelievable, and the state and local governments shoulder the burden. What does that do? It takes away from legal American children whose parents pay taxes!

Byrne was testifying about immigration and Trump’s ‘America First’ policy when he asked the panel how much is spent on public education for illegal alien children:
In 2016, the Pew Research Center estimated that 3.9 million – or 7.3% – of kindergarten through 12th-grade students in the United States were either here illegally or were the children of at least one parent illegally present in the United States. Can anyone tell me how much we spend on public education for that population of students? It’s around $60 billion.

Byrne continued by saying it’s the states that pick up the cost for English as a Second Language programs all over the US:

“What percentage of ESL programs are paid for by the federal government that requires them? Just over one percent. Who pays for the rest? States and local school systems.”

Byrne continued:

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“So, we require it and we push 99 percent of the costs on state and local school systems. That costs a lot of money for these state and local school systems. Many of them like my state of Alabama just don’t have it. But because the federal government requires it, they have to put that money in there to the detriment of other programs.”


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“That cost is not being borne by those of us in Washington. It’s being borne by men and women and the states and local school systems around the United States of America. But really the cost is being borne by children who are being denied the programs that they should have. Children who are citizens of the United States, whose parents are citizens of the United States, they’re being denied programs because we’re forcing their state and local school systems to take on an expense that we should be taking on because we’ve failed to enforce our own laws.”

Local state politicians have spoken out about the huge cost and load illegal aliens put on local school systems.

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