House Judiciary Ranking Member Rep. Doug Collins is loaded with common sense and truth in the fantastic video below.

A very important point about the Mueller Report that Democrats don’t want Americans to know is relayed in detail in the video.

Collins starts out by saying there is a crisis at the border but Democrats are more interested in destroying President Trump. What happens next is bold and truthful but you can bet the mainstream media didn’t report this!

Rep. Collins explains what every American should know about the Mueller Report but the Democrats are hoping you won’t find out. After Nadler claims that Congress has a right to all of the unredacted information in the Mueller Report, Collins makes a very important point:

The Starr Report and the Muller Report were not under the same authorization. The subpoena for the Muller Report assumes the two are under the same authorization and the Dems keep conflating the two. THEY ARE UNDER DIFFERENT REGULATIONS!

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Grand jury material by law must be kept secret. All kinds of material including salacious material is included in grand jury testimony.

In other words, Attorney General Barr would be breaking the law if he released grand jury testimony.

Doug Collins is a keeper!

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