Not a day goes by that this new member of Congress is weighing in on what she thinks about Americans and America as a nation.

She’s been a huge turn-off to anyone who was even thinking of reaching out to her side of the aisle.

In the video below, she’s a big hypocrite while calling others hypocrites. It’s somewhat obvious that she didn’t write this or didn’t write most of it. While Obama tries to paint all on the religious right in the same way, she doesn’ want anyone doing the same to Muslims.

It’s interesting that Omar speaks of religious fundamentalism referring to Christians but doesn’t call out her own religion on their fundamentalism.

“Religious fundamentalists are trying to manipulate the state laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society all with complete disregard for voices and rights of American women.”

“But because it is happening here with the support of the ultraconservative, religious right we call it real religious freedom. It’s simply unthinkable, this isn’t only unjust, but dangerous … Let’s just be honest, for the religious right this isn’t simply about their care or concern for life.”

“This isn’t about religious morality or conviction, because we have seen time and time again, those that talk about their faith and want to push policies because of their faith are the ones that simply are caught with the hypocrisy not living it out in their personal lives.”

Remember that the rules of Congress had to be changed to allow Ilhan Omar to wear a Muslim head scarf. The irony isn’t lost on anyone.

“I’m frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their faith and pushing that on to other people, because we know those ‘so-called’ religious politicians, when it comes to their life and their choices, they want to talk about freedom. But when it comes to other people lives and other people’s choices, they want to talk about religion.”

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