Rep. Ilhan Omar just spoke at a CAIR event in Bellevue, Washington, and from the glowing report from CAIR TV, you’d think it went swimmingly.

That’s how propaganda works. It ignores the truth and puts out what they want you to hear and know.

Notice how the reporter just speaks glowingly of Omar and then negatively of the anti-Omar crowd without showing one of the protesters speaking. Not fair and balanced at all but that’s what we would expect from CAIR TV.

What they didn’t show you is what happened outside the event that Omar spoke at where opposing voices were drowned out:

At a weekend protest in Bellevue WA, Ilhan Omar supporters chanted at a conservative, black veteran that “right-wing bigots have got to go.” He was trying to have a conversation with them. That’s not what they wanted.

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A resident of Washington tweeted out a comment to the video below that says everything: “For those of us conservatives that live in Washington. None of us are surprised. The left in this state is filled with hatred, intolerance, and greed.”

Demonizing any opposing view is what the left does so well:


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PROPAGANDA ALERT: “Hundreds turn out” to hear Ilhan Omar speak but there were protests outside, and those people weren’t allowed to speak. This is not America, but Ilan Omar claims, “We wanted to create a country where representatives aren’t judged by their faith” during her speech. Who is “We” and aren’t the people who are her supporters judging the others who are not of her religion?

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