Rep. Jim Jordan came out of the gate with guns blazing at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing today, that covered competition in digital marketplaces and Big Tech censorship of conservative voices.

“I’ll just cut to the chase. Big tech is censoring conservatives,” he said while looking at some of the wealthiest men in America who all have monopolies on social media, and whose companies have all been caught shilling for Democrats.

Rep. Jim Jordan continued to list a number of conservative websites and voices silenced by big tech giants while pandering to Communist China.

Watch the epic takedown here:

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Rep. Jordan wasn’t finished exposing how the tech giants are using their platforms to affect the outcome of the elections.  He asked the Google CEO a direct question, “Mr. Pichai, is Google going to tailor its features to help Joe Biden in the 2020 election?”

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Uh…Congressman. We approach our work, uh, we support both campaigns…” Pichai responded.

“It’s a yes or no question,” Jordan responded, asking again, “Can you assure the Americans today, you won’t tailor your features to help Joe Biden in the upcoming election?”

“Um…we support work that campaigns do…”

Rep. Jordan asked the same question again.

“We won’t do any work to It’s against our core values,” Pichai responded.

But you did it in 2016″ Jordan said, as he reminded the Google CEO that according to an email that’s been made public, he applauded his multicultural marketing director for bragging about helping to get Latino votes for Hillary’s campaign in key states, calling it a “silent donation.”

Rep. Jordan called what Google did to help increase the Latino vote by manipulating search results on Google, “electioneering.”

Pichai tried to convince Rep. Jordan any work they do is non-partisan. Rep. Jim Jordan wasn’t buying it.

Democrat Rep. Scanlon (PA) was given the floor at the conclusion of Rep. Jordan’s time with Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Before she began her questioning of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the snarky Democrat lawmaker accused Jim Jordan of using his time to spread conspiracy theories.  Rep. Jordan erupted, as Rep. Cicilline, screamed at Rep. Jordan to cover his mouth with a mask!

Nothing says control like a Democrat Rep. screaming, “Put your mask on!” because he doesn’t want to hear what he’s saying.

Of course, Rep. Jordan wasn’t going to waste the chance to turn the confrontation into an opportunity to talk about the unmasking of General Flynn…

Watch the fireworks below:

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