Rep. Jim Jordan has been fighting the coup for three years and he’s still at it with the latest attempt to destroy Trump.

He met with reporters to describe the ridiculous way in which questioning has been going in the sham impeachment proceeding lead by Rep. Adam Schiff.

Jordan says it all in a nutshell and he does it in record time:

There are four fundamental facts that have never changed:

1) Mr. Vindman is not the first one we’ve heard from who was on the call. We’ve heard from President Trump and President Zelensky. We got the transcript.

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2) Both President Trump and President Zelensy said no conditions, no pressure, no pushing, no quid pro quo. We’ve got the transcript that shows that.

3) We knew the Ukrainians did not know that aid at the time of the call had been withheld, and

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4) Tell me what action President Zelensky did to get the aid turned back on? Did he do a press conference, did he issue a statement, did he say he was going to investigate and do certain things? None of that happened.

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