‘Worst ten months of any presidential administration in history’ – Rep. Jim Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan gave a barn burner speech on the House floor where he said what scares him most is our loss of freedom under the Biden regime.

Jordan spoke about questioning the attorney general on Thursday and what he found out from the testimony.

Rep. Jim Jordan ripped into Attorney General Merrick Garland during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday.

He called Garland out on the National School Board Association’s directive inferring that parents are “domestic terrorists” and then Garland’s memo calling on the FBI to investigate.

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Jordan: “Did you discuss it with the White House.”

Garland: “I did not… The WH is perfectly appropriately concerned about violence.”

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Jordan: Did you or anyone at DOJ help the NSBA write the letter. Garland: I did not, and I don’t know.

Jordan: “Will FBI agents be attending local school board meetings?”

Garland: No.

Jordan: You said you’re not treating parents as domestic terrorists but the DOJ press release accompanying your memo says the national security division will be targeting school board meetings.

Stephen Miller called Garland’s comments “disturbing”:


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