House Republicans spoke after the Showboating Judiciary Committee voted on party lines to send two articles of impeachment against President Trump to the House floor.

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana spoke with the media after the vote to impeach President Trump.

He was on fire! He’s a lawyer and said if  President Trump was his client, he would advise him not to participate in this sham political impeachment.

Listen below as he explains why President Trump hasn’t obstructed anything and was ambushed.

Johnson also lists all of the reasons why the president is rightfully worried about this impeachment process.

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The impeachment vote took all of 10 minutes this morning.

The showboating Democrats delayed their vote so they could be on camera for a bigger audience this morning.

The abusive way in which Democrats ran this impeachment hearing was more than shameful. It set a dangerous example for future impeachments. The bar is set for any president in the future to suffer the same ridiculous politically biased process.


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