Matt Gaetz was assaulted by a former opponent yesterday who was promptly arrested for her unhinged behavior.

She “milkshaked” Gaetz in a move that’s a trend in the U.K. Nigel Farage was “milkshaked” recently by a lunatic lefty during the Brexit turmoil.

Gaetz was hit as he was leaving a town hall in Pensacola, Florida yesterday.

Authorities were quick to detain and arrest 25-year-old Amanda L. Kondrat’yev. She was charged with battery.

She threw the drink on Gaetz’s right arm as he was walking through a group of protesters who were outside at the Pensacola town hall.

The congressman’s office released a statement:

“All people are invited to participate in our #OpenGaetz town hall events regardless of viewpoint. If anyone assaults anyone else, they can expect to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to ensure the security of all law-abiding participants. We continue to express our deep gratitude to the brave law enforcement officials who always keep our events and our community safe.”

While Gaetz released the statement calling for all to debate fairly, it wasn’t the case with the leftists:

The left celebrated on social media by saying she should have thrown something worse on him. They claimed he deserved it because he’s Trump’s “attack dog”.



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