Rep. Gaetz lays into failed “low IQ” RINO Denver Riggleman

Former Congressmen Denver Riggleman, from Virginia, was elected to one term and then voted out by his own constituents. He is an anti-Trump RINO who attempted to call out Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene for their commitment to America First values in a video. He demands that Gaetz and Greene are removed from the Republican Conference, despite his own voters removing him from that very body.

Denver Riggleman (left) and Rep. MAtt Gaetz (right)

Riggleman, a reject and loser then applies to be a staffer (and is hired by the Democrats) for the January 6th committee. Shortly after, he resigns from this position to go “fight in Ukraine.” Seriously.

He doesn’t go to Ukraine, however. Rather, he ends up on CNN agreeing with Liz Cheney that the GOP is a “personality cult.”

Riggleman said on CNN that “the party has moved away from conservative principles to this personality cult that Liz Cheney is talking about.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz tackles all of this on the interesting case of Riggleman as a failed politician and failed individual in his podcast.

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The full podcast, which covers “low IQ” Denver Riggleman and more can be watched here.

Matt Gaetz is one of the most powerful, vocal America First voices in Congress. The huge gap between him–who could be seen as a successful example of what Republican politicians should be–and Riggleman,–who must be seen as an utter failure by any party’s standards–is rich. What’s more rich is that Riggleman’s unauthorized interview, where he apparently represented himself on behalf of the January 6th Committee on CNN, really upset the January 6th Committee.

As Representative Gaetz says, “Denver Riggleman and the January 6th Committee deserve each other.”

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