Rep. Matt Gaetz ripped into his fellow lawmakers tonight for their hypocrisy, after listening to them for hours trying to blame President Trump for the angry protesters who stormed the Capitol building this afternoon.

Gaetz reminded them that President Trump explicitly called for peaceful protests today and that he was, in fact,” far more explicit about his calls for peace than some of the BLM and left-wing rioters were this summer when we saw violence sweep across the nation.

Storming buildings and destroying businesses owned by corporations has been the trademark of the violent Antifa group for years while burning businesses, destroying and setting cop cars on fire, and looting entire city blocks is the calling card of Black Lives Matter.

For at least 8 years, Democrats have remained silent as both far-left groups have wreaked havoc in cities across America.

In August, when Black Lives Matter set fire to multiple family businesses in Kenosha, WI., Democrats were silent.

In May, when this disabled MN woman shared her incredibly sad story about what it was like to watch BLM destroy an entire block where she does all of her shopping—Democrats couldn’t be bothered to step in and try to stop the string of violence erupting across major cities in America.

When a 14-year-old girl doused a pizza store owner in gasoline and tried to light him on fire during BLM riots in Baltimore, Democrats looked the other way.

When asked about the destruction of communities by Black Lives Matter, Senator Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor, said their actions were “necessary,” adding “The people’s voices must be heard.”

But today, when protesters crashed the Capitol building, also known as “the people’s house,” Democrats and RINO’s in Congress were outraged and quickly pointed a finger at Trump. Apparently, Americans are just supposed to look the other way after they believe a national election was stolen from them, but when a black criminal is killed by a cop, Democrats are okay with mobs of protesters destroying entire cities before the case even goes to trial.

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