Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) secured enough votes on the House floor Wednesday to become Speaker.

BREAKING: House Of Representatives Elects New Speaker

Johnson is a relatively unknown member of Congress, so many people started digging into his voting record and prior statements.

What do we know about Johnson?

Our friends at WLTReport shared this info about the new House Speaker:

But if you don’t follow D.C. politics all day long, you may not know much about him.

The good news?

The more you see, the more you’re really going to like him!

So allow me to introduce to you Rep. Mike Johnson.

Who is he?

Well, RINO honk Bill Kristol (the less funny Billy Crystal) gives him an “F” on Ukraine.

Which as DC Draino points out is an A+ in our book (meaning he has historically not been in favor of funding Ukraine):

Bravo sir!

That is priority #1, keep that up!



Fund the people of Maui!

Fund the homeless in our Country!

Fix America First!

We also know this about him….reportedly he called for a prayer session:


We also know he famously went after prior Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up President Trump’s SOTU speech.

Watch this old clip:

And here:

Simon also gives a great recap of who Mike Johnson is:

BREAKING: Rep. Mike Johnson (@RepMikeJohnson) of Louisiana has the votes needed to become Speaker. He is expected to be elected Speaker shortly.

A little bit about him

1- He is an attorney with a focus on Constitutional law who worked with religious groups

2- He worked as a college professor and conservative talk show host

3- He served in the Louisiana House from 2015 and 2017

4- He was elected to represent Louisiana’s 4th District in 2016

5- He is the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference

6- Former Chair of the Republican Study Committee Conference

7- Served on Trump’s first Senate impeachment trial defense team

8- Drafted House GOP legal brief supporting Texas suit

9- Objected to certification of Biden’s election results

10- He sponsored more bills that passed than the average Republican House member

11- He voted to raise the debt ceiling but not to avoid a government shutdown

12- He’s now asking for a possible continuing resolution to keep the government open.

13- He also has broad GOP support on the House

14- He is not, however, very good at fundraising.


On the downside?

My friend Pepe Deluxe found this old post from Rep. Johnson from 2022:

My take?

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, first because that is old and a lot of people were hoodwinked early on by the Ukrainian “actor”.

But also because his record on Ukraine since then looks pretty good.

So Memo to Speaker Johnson: we got you in, don’t mess it up!


We’ll vacate your chair too if you start sending our hard-earned tax dollars over to those freaks!


Upon further digging, it appears Johnson pushed the toxic COVID-19 injections in 2021.

Johnson tweeted on February 24, 2021:

Our three biggest priorities when it comes to providing COVID-19 relief should be:
• getting schoolchildren back to school
• getting workers back to work
• getting vaccines into arms

Yet, the Democrat spending package doesn’t prioritize any of this.

Getting vaccines into arms?

Not a good sign.

On Wednesday, Johnson announced the first piece of legislation he will bring to the floor will support Israel.

(WATCH) Mike Johnson Announces First Bill He Will Bring To The House Floor

“Turmoil and violence have rocked the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We all know it. And tensions continue to build in the Indo-Pacific,” Johnson said.

“The country demands strong leadership of this body. And we must not waiver. Our nation’s greatest ally in the Middle East is under attack. “The first bill that I’m going to bring to this floor, in just a little while, will be in support of our dear friend Israel,” Johnson said.

“We’re overdue in getting that done,” he commented while receiving a standing ovation.

“We’re going to show not only Israel, but the entire world, that the barbarism of Hamas that we have all seen play out on our television screens is wretched and wrong. And we’re going to stand for the good in that conflict,” Johnson commented.


According to Open Secrets, the top contributor to Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) in 2021-2022 was the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


The Hill reports:

House Republican Vice Chair Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) became the chamber’s Speaker on Wednesday, three weeks after Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted.

Johnson became his conference’s fourth Speaker nominee on Tuesday, and he takes over in the midst of multiple international crises, most notably in Israel, Gaza and Ukraine. There has been a split in the House GOP over aid to Ukraine as they face a war against Russia, making the passage of some recent bills a tough hill to climb in the lower chamber.

President Biden announced the sending of a budget request to Congress requesting aid for both Israel and Ukraine in a speech last Thursday. The request is expected to be about $100 billion, with a large portion of the funds for Ukraine.

Johnson has shown some resistance to more funding for Ukraine in the past, but seems to wholeheartedly support Israel.

It’s clear House Speaker Mike Johnson has zero qualms sending American taxpayer dollars to Israel.

However, it remains unclear if he wants to send more money to Ukraine.

Here’s a statement from Rep. Johnson last year regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict:


H.R. 771 overwhelmingly passed in the House of Representatives.

Per The Hill:

In a 412-10-6 vote, the House chamber voiced strong support for Israel after Hamas launched a surprise attack against the country earlier this month that left 1,400 Israeli citizens dead and more than 200 others held in hostage by Hamas.

In response, Israel has launched a series of airstrikes in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of 6,546 residents and injuries to 17,439 more, according to a Wednesday update from the Gaza Health Ministry.

While the majority of lawmakers expressed their support for Israel, some lawmakers have criticized Israel for their airstrikes in Gaza and even called for the U.S. to end its funding to the nation.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), the lone Republican to vote against the bill, presented his reasoning in this post:

I condemn the barbaric attack on Israel and I affirm Israel’s right to defend itself. However, I will not be voting for House Resolution 771 today because:

1) It calls for sanctions on a sovereign country. Sanctions are a prelude to war and hurt the citizens of the country more than the government of the country that’s being sanctioned. And ultimately, sanctions create laws that will be used to prosecute American citizens (who engage in trade), not citizens of the sanctioned country. In short, sanctions do not achieve their stated purposes but do breed resentment of our country abroad.

2) It asserts the necessity of foreign aid commitments which I have voted against. Our country is going bankrupt and we can’t afford to borrow money to send overseas, yet this resolution states that we should.

3) It contains an open-ended promise of military support that is so broad that it could be interpreted to commit US soldiers to the conflict. US troops should not be engaged in this conflict.

4) It tends to broaden the conflict to other countries when it would be better to keep the war contained geographically.

Here’s a link to the text of the resolution, which contains some statements I do support and some statements I cannot support.

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