During a panel discussion called “Supercharge: Women All In,” Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley spilled the beans on what she thinks should be done in America.

She claims that “everything is on the table” in this election and then went off the rails to say that “we can pull these ills up from the root and we can reconstruct the new world.”

Radicals like Pressley expose the fact that there are Democrats in DC who want to “transform” America as we know it.

“You know. So I think everything is on the table…and what we have found is that issues that have been marginalized and were considered polarizing and third rail have now moved. You know, who believes that health care should be tied to employment? Who still thinks that? You know, these things that were considered…that’s what Angela Davis said. To be radical is to pull it from the root. So we’re in a reckoning…it demands a third reconstruction, and we can pull these ills up from the root and we can reconstruct the new world.”

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Rep. Pressley isn’t the only one to express her hate for our country and a need to transform it. Senator Bernie Sanders has also gone on record calling for a “transformation.”

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