Rep. Rashida Tlaib thinks brainwashed kids like her son are more knowledgeable on climate change than adults. During a speech at a Bernie Sanders rally, Tlaib told a cutesy story of how her son wrote out a policy on fossil fuel divestment, and then she showed it to her colleagues.

She mocked adults who don’t believe in her policy on fossil fuels by inferring that kids know more than adults on the right policy with fossil fuel.

Note to Tlaib: It’s not that adults who are against it don’t know about fossil fuel divestment…it’s that we know what will happen with fossil fuel divestment.

At a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Rashida Tlaib shared a story about her son helping write up talking points in a meeting about fossil fuel divestment.

“God if we could just clear the room and sometimes put kids in the room.”

This is the woman who became unhinged during a speech Trump was giving at the Detroit Economic Club. She had to be physically removed by security.

Does she teach her son to behave like that too?


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