OGDEN, UTAH – Kassidi Kurill, a seemingly healthy woman of just 39-years-old died on Feb. 5, just four days after receiving her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Her family believes her death was due to the vaccine given that there were no underlying conditions they were aware of. A medical examiner from Utah, however, cautions against jumping to conclusions until after the autopsy report is completed.

Kurill’s father, Alfred Hawley, spoke with Fox News saying that his daughter was “seemingly healthy as a horse… She had no known underlying conditions.” Nonetheless, Kurill fell ill after receiving her second injection and two days later was taken to the hospital where doctors identified a problem with the functioning of her liver.



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As her coherence deteriorated, the medical professionals attempted to stabilize her for a liver transplant but were unable to be successful. Kurill was unable to speak by the morning of the 5th, passing away at around nine o’clock.

While Hawley finds it hard to believe anything besides the vaccine could have caused her sudden death, Dr. Erik Christensen, the Utah Department of Health’s chief medical examiner, urges the public to wait until the autopsy results before attributing Kurill’s death to the shot. At the same time, Christensen says that it will be very difficult to prove if the vaccine was, in fact, the cause of death.

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So what conclusions can be reached about Kurill’s death and its relation to the vaccine? This remains unknown as the autopsy report was only released to the family and will remain private unless decided otherwise. While deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine remain rare, Hawley implores the public to pay attention to the reaction their bodies have to the vaccine, and to “make sure that you’re not another one in a million”.

Kurill is among four others in Utah who have reportedly died after receiving this vaccine, one of whom was close in age to Kassidi. 

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to raise money in support of Kurill’s nine-year-old daughter.

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