For most people, state fairs conjure up memories of families spending precious quality time together, while partaking in centuries-old activities like sheep shearing, 4-H award ceremonies for kids, pie-eating contests, and family entertainment. The Minnesota State Fair is ranked the #1 Best State Fair in America, with the second-largest attendance at around 2 million people.

Most Americans don’t think of state fairs as a place where you have to be concerned about your safety. When it comes to the left and their affliction with Trump Derangement Syndrome, however, all bets are off.

The MN GOP couldn’t have imagined when they set up a booth at their state fair, the harassment, and anger they would encounter from the unhinged left. They certainly would not have imagined that an anti-Trump activist would sexually assault one of their female volunteers.

Jonathan Aanestad, who’s worked at the MNGOP boot for the past two years, posted a message on Facebook, where he explained how he’s been “taunted, spit at, yelled at, and been given the middle finger (indicated by the middle finger symbol) many times.” Aanestad added that “it is definitely escalating.” He ended his comment with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Facebook friend Barb Sutter agreed, saying she’s “experienced the same…from the ‘tolerant Left.'” Sutter called their behavior “#pathetic.”

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Alpha News MN reports – Politicians use the large gathering of potential voters as an opportunity to get some facetime with voters. Both the DFL and Republican Party have booths staffed by mostly volunteers who greet fairgoers, try to sell merchandise, and register new voters.

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In a dark turn for the typically friendly State Fair, leftwing Minnesota activists have begun to harass and assault with Republican candidates and volunteers.

Republican US Senate Candidate Rob Barret Jr tweeted, “The amount of anger, middle fingers, f-words, and general yelling was beyond belief at the GOP booth today…”

Things took a turn for the worst when an Anti-Trump activist sexually assaulted a female volunteer. A police report
has been filed.

The State Fair police are still investigating the assault, and KSTP reported the following statement

“We understand that the political climate is really important and there are people who have very strong feelings on both sides that they’re on, about anything that they’re passionate about. So we would like to remind people that this is a family fair and just to be on their best behavior.”

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