The “Roseanne Show” reboot series, featuring the show’s namesake comedian Roseanne Barr, debuted in March of 2018. The ratings for the reboot debut and subsequent shows were off the charts.

Roseanne has always been a show designed to represent blue-collar America, the working class, who are severely underrepresented in mainstream media and the entertainment industry. Roseanne’s support of President Trump on the show, especially on the issue of jobs, proved to be a gamble that paid off in the show’s ratings.

The show debuted to astounding numbers, smashing so hard in the ratings that President Trump actually called her up to congratulate her.

When Democrats discovered Roseanne Barr would be embracing President Donald Trump on the new “Roseanne Show” reboot, they begged their fellow leftists to boycott the show. Unfortunately for the left, the Trump effect is not just an imaginary thing, but a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to Hollywood trying to take down conservatives. Not only did their boycott fail, but it apparently inspired millions to watch the Roseanne Show reboot debut…

Roseanne’s sister Jackie wore her “Nasty Woman” t-shirt and the pink “pussy hat” that’s become the trademark of angry, anti-Trump feminazis, but true to the old Roseanne character we all remember, she completely ignored her radical sister and thanked God for “Making America Great Again” during their pre-dinner family prayers, as her sister sat across from her. Roseanne’s ditzy sister, Jackie, who perfectly portrayed an uninformed and emotional liberal, received a verbal smackdown more than once by Roseanne, who mocked her sister Jackie for being a “good-hearted person, who can’t do simple math”.

Even Donald Trump Jr. expressed his delight in Roseanne’s off-the-charts ratings. In a tweet to Roseanne, Trump Jr. congratulated Roseanne and suggested she consider work in a late night show, telling her there seems to be some demand for an alternate viewpoint:

The wildly successful Roseanne reboot show that conservative Americans totally embraced, proved to be too much, however, for ABC, as Disney CEO Rober Iger announced on Twitter that after an “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values” comment Roseanne made on Twitter about Barack Obama’s crooked former advisor Valerie Jarrett, where she compared her to a character in the Planet of The Apes, they would be terminating her show, claiming it was the “right thing” to do.

Barr revealed during a chat with Rabbi Schmuley, that she didn’t ask for money when signing away the rights to her show — allowing ABC to proceed with a spinoff series that somehow omits her character.

Of course, the Disney CEO didn’t entertain the idea of accepting Barr’s sincere apology and moving on. Igor didn’t have any issue with his lead writer for the Roseanne Show, Wanda Sykes calling President Trump an “orangutan”.

Sykes didn’t just call President Trump an “orangutan”, she called him a “racist, sexist, homophobic president.”  When the audience began booing her, Sykes responded with pure class, telling the audience, “F*ck you mother f*ckers! F*ck all you all, and you and you and you!” The audience’s boos got louder and louder to the point that the “comedian” had to stop her act to try to prove her case to the audience who would have nothing to do with her lies.


Many Americans were furious when ABC announced they would continue to film the show without their namesake actor. They also wondered how ABC would explain the absence of the character who the entire sitcom revolved around.

The Roseanne character’s husband, “Dan” explained to the Sunday Times that Roseanne will reportedly be killed off the new “The Connors” show…

John Goodman did not go into detail but confirmed to The Sunday Times that Roseanne Barr’s character will be killed off this fall in the upcoming The Conners spinoff on ABC.

When talking about the new iteration of the series and his character Dan, the drywall contractor and Roseanne’s husband in the original series and revival, told the publication, “It’s an unknown. I guess he’ll be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead.”

ABC has not confirmed how Barr would be written off the show, which the network abruptly canceled after Barr’s racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama. ABC described Barr’s comment as “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values” and axed the series as it was going into production on its second season.

Barr has no financial or creative involvement in the new series after reaching a settlement with series producer Tom Werner. – The Deadline




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